API v1 Reference

How to Integrate with NeonCRM

We often hear from web designers and developers who are looking for ways to integrate NeonCRM with their websites. That’s great news, because we offer a lot of options. While the API often seems like the obvious choice for a project, it’s important to understand that NeonCRM provides many out-of-the-box features that require much less work.

This article is organized based on specific tasks you may be trying to accomplish.

Customizing Web Forms

The most common question we get from web designers is how to integrate with NeonCRM’s forms and pages. We have a few options, and often the simplest (our web template sync) is the most effective.

Web Template Sync

This is our most basic form of website “integration”. For a one-time $300 fee, our development team scrapes the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from your existing website and applies it to NeonCRM’s forms and pages that are hosted on our server. NeonCRM provides a very large number of out-of-the-box forms and pages that are highly configurable. Users can modify the fields that appear on these forms.

Once we have scraped the code and saved it to our server, it is not accessible to users. Only our team has access to make adjustments. This is necessary to maintain security. By using this approach, all of the forms remain on our servers and take advantage of our SSL certificate. Any changes made to the website will not be reflected on NeonCRM’s forms and pages until you notify our support team of the updates. Our team will then make the appropriate changes. This article explains the process in greater detail.

This solution meets the needs of the majority of NeonCRM customers.

CSS Adjustments

You can also modify the CSS of your web template. This means that after our team has synced your website template (see above), you will be able to add additional CSS rules to override the existing styles. This ability is very helpful in tweaking the look and feel of your NeonCRM forms. This ability is limited to CSS and will not be extended to HTML or JavaScript.

You can find this feature by logging into NeonCRM and navigating to System Settings > Home/Dashboard > Edit Web Template CSS

Custom Form Builder Module

The custom form and survey builder module allows you to build basic contact information forms, donation forms, and membership signup forms. Once you have built the form from inside NeonCRM, you can actually output the form’s markup into an HTML/JavaScript code snippet. You can then embed this code into a web page hosted on your own server. This gives you the ability to modify the markup to suit your specifications.

If you build a form that includes payment processing (donation or membership), you will be subject to some limitations:

  • You must use a two-page flow.
  • The payment page is hosted on NeonCRM’s servers and cannot be customized.

Email Signup Form

If you want to embed an email list signup form into your website, you can take advantage of an existing feature in NeonCRM called a Distribution List. Essentially, you can create an Email Audience that will output a signup form as an HTML code snippet. Any constituent who fills out this form will be added to this specific list. You can embed this code on your website and modify the markup.

DIY with the API

If the options presented above do not meet your needs, you may consider building a form using our API. The documentation found on this website provides the necessary information for an experienced web developer to accomplish this.

Restricted-access Content

Organizations often want to restrict access to content by putting it behind a login.

NeonCRM Login

NeonCRM provides an out-of-the-box login area where constituents can access restricted content and manage their personal information. This area is configurable and works well for most situations we have encountered. This guide explains how to manage the login area.

AuthenticateUser Method

If the included login area does not meet your needs, you can use our API’s AuthenticateUser method to create your own secure login area. This uses NeonCRM’s server as the authenticator of a user’s login credentials, but it does not grant that user a session for existing NeonCRM features. This solution cannot be used in conjunction with NeonCRM’s standard constituent login area.


NeonCRM can act as an OAuth 2.0 provider. This means that NeonCRM’s existing login system can be used to authenticate access to a third-part website or service as a single sign-on. Click here to learn more.

Directories and Lookups

A very common request is to provide a constituent directory or lookup. This would be something like a member directory, a board member listing, or a location search.

Membership Directory

NeonCRM offers an out-of-the-box membership directory. The criteria and output are configurable. You can also create multiple membership directories. This feature requires the Membership module, and is limited to displaying constituents with membership terms.

DIY with the API

Many developers have had success building lookup utilities through our API. The listAccounts method is a good starting point for a project like this.


Developers often have questions related to the integration capabilities of NeonCRM’s events module. Due to the sophisticated nature of NeonCRM’s event data structure, all online registration must take place on NeonCRM’s core built-in webforms. There are no API methods to create, update, or retrieve event registrations.

Event Feeds

NeonCRM offers a built-in event list page (example), which also includes an RSS feed (example). Many developers have used this XML RSS feed as a data source to create custom event listing pages. There is also a WordPress plugin available that generates an event feed as a widget.

DIY with the API

A list of events can be retrieved using the listEvents API method.

Integrate NeonCRM with (Application Name)

We already provide integrations with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, MailChimp, Click2Mail, and others. If you are interested in building a connection into NeonCRM from another third-party application, please contact projects [at] z2systems.com. We’d love to talk to you about it.