API v1 Reference

How to Integrate with Neon CRM

We often hear from web designers and developers who are looking for ways to integrate Neon CRM with their websites. That’s great news, because we offer a lot of options. While the API often seems like the obvious choice for a project, it’s important to understand that Neon CRM provides many out-of-the-box features that require much less work.

This article is organized based on specific tasks you may be trying to accomplish.

Customizing Web Forms

The most common question we get from web designers is how to integrate with Neon CRM’s forms and pages. We have a few options, described below.

Create Themes for Forms & Pages

Within Neon CRM, you can customize mobile-responsive templates which can be applied to your forms & pages. To create or edit a theme, go to Global Settings > Forms & Pages > Themes.

CSS Adjustments

You can add custom CSS to tweak the look and feel of your NeonCRM forms. HTML and JavaScript are not supported. To access the Custom CSS utility, go to Global Settings > Forms & Pages > Custom CSS.

Email Sign-up Form

If you want to embed an email list signup form into your website, you can take advantage of an existing feature in Neon CRM called Email Newsletter Subscription Forms. Essentially, you can create an Email Audience that will output a sign-up form as an HTML code snippet. Any constituent who fills out this form will be added to this specific email list. You can embed this code on your website and modify the markup.

DIY with the API

If the options presented above do not meet your needs, you may consider building a form using our API.

Restricted-Access Content

Organizations often want to restrict access to content by putting it behind a login. There are a few different ways in which to accomplish this.

Constituent Login Portal

Neon CRM provides a highly configurable Constituent Login Portal through which constituents can access restricted content and manage their personal information.


Neon CRM can act as an OAuth 2.0 provider. This means that NeonCRM’s existing login system can be used to authenticate access to a third-party website or service as a single sign-on. Click here to learn more.

Directories and Lookups

A very common request is to provide a constituent directory or lookup. This would be something like a member directory, a board member listing, or a location search.

Membership Directory

Neon CRM offers an out-of-the-box membership directory. The criteria and output are configurable, and you can also create multiple membership directories. This feature requires the Memberships module, and is limited to displaying constituents with membership terms.

DIY with the API

Alternatively, many developers have had success building their own lookup utilities through our API.