API v1 Reference

Create Custom Object Validator

Define a data validation rule that will be applied to the custom object data entry form, including a validation formula and an error message.




https://api.neoncrm.com/neonws/services/api/customObject/createCustomObjectValidator?userSessionId=[session id]&objectApiName=Test_Custom_Object_c&customObjectValidator.validatorName=NumberGreatherThanOneThousand&customObjectValidator.errorMessage=Your number must be greater than 1000.&customObjectValidator.description=Ensures numbers are greater than 1000.&customObjectValidator.validatorExpression=Number_Column111_c  > 1000&customObjectValidator.isActive=false


  "createCustomObjectValidatorResponse": {
    "operationResult": "SUCCESS",
    "responseDateTime": "2017-05-24T21:37:03.721+0000"

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description
objectApiName Required This is the token used to identify the Custom Object when accessing it from the API.
customObjectValidator.validatorName Required You can define multiple validation rules. This is an internal name only used on the NeonCRM back end to distinguish this rule from others.
customObjectValidator.errorMessage Required This validator error message will display on the data entry form if the data on a Custom Object record no longer matches the defined formula (fails validation).
customObjectValidator.description This is the internal text that describes this validation rule. This is not the actual error message shown to a system user.
customObjectValidator.validatorExpression Required The formula used to determine whether data passes this particular validation rule. Use the formula building interface in NeonCRM to create your formula and provide it here.
customObjectValidator.isActive Possible values: TRUE, FALSE. Enables the validation rule.

Error Codes

Code Text Description
20001 Object API name is required.
20002 Object API name is invalid.
20020 Object is active.
20024 Object validator name is required.
20025 Object validator error message is required.