List Accounts

This is the general-purpose account search request. Use this to formulate a search request by defining the search terms and the output columns. Results are paginated, but the page size can be defined in your request. Also, a combination of search parameters uses AND logic. You cannot search [parameter 1 = this] OR [parameter 2 = this] using this request.

This sample request searches for any accounts that match the specified email address. It returns the columns Account ID, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.


Request[session id]&


                    {"name":"Account Id","value":5643},
                    {"name":"First Name","value":"Michelle"},
                    {"name":"Last Name","value":"Abraham"},
                    {"name":"Account Id","value":5691},
                    {"name":"First Name","value":"Diego"},
                    {"name":"Last Name","value":"Arambula"},
                    {"name":"Account Id","value":5722},
                    {"name":"First Name","value":"Elizabeth"},
                    {"name":"Last Name","value":"Bachrad"},
                    {"name":"Account Id","value":5791},
                    {"name":"First Name","value":"alex"},
                    {"name":"Last Name","value":"baillard"},

Valid Fields

Search Fields

Output Columns

Radius Searching

Location-based searching can be enabled for a NeonCRM system as a paid premium feature. If enabled, you may retrieve accounts whose primary address is within a radius of a specific point. To do this, use the Address Distance field as a search criterion. The value provided must follow a specific format. Here’s an example of the query parameters to execute this search:


Latitude and longitude of the center of the search radius must be provided. The distance is also required and can use either “M” for miles or “K” for kilometers.