API v1 Reference


Accounts represent the constituents of a nonprofit organization, and as such are the primary type of record in NeonCRM. Accounts can either be individual or organization accounts.

Individual Accounts

An individual account is a record containing one person. An individual account is really two parts: the account, and the contact. The account contains the name of the account, login details, custom fields, and a few other pieces of data. The contact contains information such as addresses and phone numbers. When an individual account is created, the contact is created at the same time.

Organization Accounts

An organization account is a record to represent a business or organization. An organization can have multiple contacts, one of which must be the Primary Contact. The primary contact is created when the organization account is created. The Primary Contact can be changed.

Relationships between accounts


A household is a grouping of individual accounts. A household has an ID, but is not considered an account. A household can also contain additional contacts that do not exist as accounts.

Linking Individuals to Organizations

Individual Accounts can become contacts of organization accounts.

Related Data Types

Accounts are related to and dependent on several other data types in NeonCRM, as demonstrated in this diagram: