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PHP Library
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Unfortunately, due to changing priorities, we are no longer able to support the code provided here. However, we are leaving these pages public for historical reference and the benefit of our developer community.

Where to get it:


Why use it?

We have built this library to speed up development on the NeonCRM API. This library streamlines the process of building queries and parsing the server response, particularly for searching requests. It also handles authentication through the login and storing of session id tokens.

How to use it:

Include neon.php in your PHP file.


Create a new instance of the Neon class.

$neon = new Neon();

Class Methods

The following class methods are available for use:

  • login
  • go
  • search

login() - API Authentication

This is necessary to make any subsequent requests through the API. Authentication is done using an orgId and an API key. More information about obtaining these can be found at http://help.neoncrm.com/api/keys

$keys = array(

On the successful completion of this request, a Neon API session ID will be stored as a session variable. The library will automatically add this to subsequent requests. The session ID expires after 30 minutes of inactivity.

go() - API Request

This method is used to make a general API request. All methods described in the REST API documentation (http://help.neoncrm.com/api/rest) will work. This method expects a structured associative array as an argument. It follows this format:

$request = array( 
  'method' => 'common/listCustomFields', 
  'parameters' => array(
    'searchCriteria.component' => 'Account',
    'searchCriteria.search.name' => 'Favorite Color',
$result = $neon->go($request);

search() - Search Query Requests

This method greatly reduces the effort necessary to build search queries and iterate through the results. It works with the following API methods:

It expects a different format of array from the go() method, as this type of API request is more complex.
This is the format for this type of request:

$search = array( 
  'method' => 'account/listAccounts', 
  'criteria' => array(
    array( 'First Name', 'EQUAL', 'John'),
    array( 'Last Name', 'EQUAL', 'Smith'),
  'columns' => array(
    'standardFields' => array('Account Id', 'First Name', 'Last Name'),
    'customFields' => array(655, 361),
  'page' => array(
    'currentPage' => 1,
    'pageSize' => 20,
    'sortColumn' => 'Account Id',
    'sortDirection' => 'ASC',
$result = $neon->search($search);