API v1 Reference


Households are a way of keeping track of the relationships among families and those who live together. In NeonCRM, household tracking allows you to:

  1. See the total involvement of a household with your organization in one place
  2. Simplify print mailings by sending only one letter per household

It is important to understand:

  • A household is NOT a person. Therefore, it cannot donate, register for events, or purchase store products.
  • A household is NOT an account. It is a grouping of individual accounts.
  • A household’s email address is tied to the same person as the physical address: the household primary contact. (For tax purposes, each individual needs a separate receipt for donations, so households should not be used for this anyway).
  • You can have household memberships that apply to every account linked to a household. This is called an Household Group Membership.
  • An individual can belong to more than one household. However, an individual cannot be the primary contact (address holder) of more than one household.
  • If an individual is set as the primary contact of a household, that account cannot be added as a secondary contact to another household. A primary household contact can only belong to one household.