Getting Started

Welcome to the Neon CRM API docs. In here, you can learn how to extend the functionality of Neon CRM to build everything from a simple field updater script to a robust partner integration connected to many Neon CRM systems.

Throughout these docs, we will refer to the app being integrated as the integrated app, the integration, or simply, your app.

Neon CRM Basics

Neon CRM is a cloud-based CRM platform built for non-profit and other mission-driven organizations that allows organizations to track and interact with their constituents.

In the CRM, constituent records are referred to as accounts. On each account, users can view, create, edit, and delete records associated with the account, such as transactions, communication history, tasks, notes, and more. Throughout Neon CRM, users create and manage their data by setting up online forms, creating mass email campaigns, bulk importing new records, or entering new records via the CRM interface. Your app will be one more way that users can create and manage data in their system.


Neon CRM has REST APIs that expose most of the important data objects in Neon CRM for querying, creating, editing, and deleting; allowing integrated apps to interact with the full scope of data within an organization’s Neon CRM database.

The Neon CRM API has two versions: API v1 and API v2. While both versions share many of the same features and functionality for working with data in Neon CRM, they have very different designs and don't share any common methods. We recommend you treat each version as separate APIs and avoid using both versions simultaneously in your application.

Throughout these docs, you will see tags v1 only and v2 only to indicate concepts and features that only apply to a particular version of the API.

So which version should you use for your integration? Where possible, we recommend all new integrations use API v2 to ensure longer-term support. We are working hard to bring the functionality of API v2 on par with v1 as quickly as possible. Review the overviews of each version below and the API reference docs to determine which version is best for your integration.

API v1

API v1 was originally released in 2013.

API v1 supports common operations for the following data objects in Neon CRM:

  • Accounts
  • Donations
  • Events
  • Event Registrations
  • Memberships
  • Store Purchases
  • Shopping Carts
  • Custom Objects
  • Activities

* API v1 also support SOAP requests. However, SOAP is only supported for legacy applications and is not recommended for new integrations.

API v2

Starting in 2020, Neon CRM began releasing version 2 of its public API. This new version is a complete rebuild of API v1 and adopts many modern RESTful API conventions. API v2 also introduces new methods for working with custom fields, events, and more; in addition to updating and extending the functionality of all the existing methods of the current version.

API v2 currently supports common operations for the following data objects in Neon CRM:

  • Accounts
  • Donations
  • Events
  • Event Registrations
  • Memberships
  • Store Products
  • Orders
  • Payments
  • System Properties
  • Webhooks

API Reference

At the bottom of each page on this site, you will find a API reference section with links to the relevant API resource for the version of the Neon CRM API you're using.