Versioning v2 only

The Neon CRM API v2 uses versioning to release ongoing fixes and updates to the API while managing the impact on API users. API versioning assigns a version number when significant changes are made to the API, giving apps flexibility for managing upgrades to new API versions which might include backwards-incompatible changes that require additional development and testing.

Version Header

Apps can specify an API version number by including the request header NEON-API-VERSION with each request.

Versioning in a cURL request:

$ curl '' \
  -h 'Authorization: Basic basic_auth_token' \
  -h 'NEON-API-VERSION: 2.1'

API version numbers follow the format 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and so on. The current API version is indicated in the API v2 reference documentation.

Requests that specify a deprecated or invalid API version will receive a 4XX level response. Requests that omit the version number will default to the latest version.

Deprecating Old Versions

API versioning is intended to give app owners time and flexibility to re-test their integrations when upgrading to a new API version. It is not intended to allow apps to use deprecated functionality indefinitely. Older API versions are deprecated over time, but API users will be notified early and provided time to upgrade before versions are deprecated.

API Reference

API v1

(None – Versioning not supported)

API v2

The request header NEON-API-VERSION is valid for all API v2 endpoints.