API v1 Reference

Custom Object Number Formats

You may customize the format of numbers by adding text and/or adjusting the number of digits display. The minimum viable formula is “{0}”.

Formulae are built using the following format:
Optional Text + {Number of Digits} + Optional Text

Optional Text: A string comprised of any characters except braces (“{}”). An optional string may be prepended, appended, or both.
Number of Digits: Determines the number of leading zeroes that display, where the number of digits displayed is determined by th enumber of zeroes inside the braces. (e.g. “{000}” will always show a minimum of three digits).


Formula Sample Output
(at 1,7,25, and 317)
{0} 1, 7, 25, 317
{00} 01, 07, 25, 317
{0000} 0001, 0007, 0025, 0317
Invoice{00} Invoice01, Invoice07, Invoice25, Invoice317
AB-RE{0} AB-RE1, AB-RE7, AB-RE25, AB-RE317
{000}x 001x, 007x, 025x, 317x
ni.$32{000}z ni.$32001z, ni.$32007z, ni.$32025z, ni.$32317z