List Custom Object Validators

Retrieves a list of validation rules assigned to a specific custom object.


Request[session id]&objectApiName=Test_Custom_Object_c&page.pageSize=10


  "listCustomObjectValidatorsResponse": {
    "operationResult": "SUCCESS",
    "responseDateTime": "2017-05-24T21:42:22.766+0000",
    "customObjectValidators": {
      "customObjectValidator": [
          "id": 2,
          "validatorName": "NumberGreatherThanOneThousand",
          "errorMessage": "Your number must be greater than 1000.",
          "description": "Ensures numbers are greater than 1000.",
          "validatorExpression": "cf_298>1000",
          "isActive": false
    "page": {
      "currentPage": 1,
      "pageSize": 10,
      "totalPage": 1,
      "totalResults": 1

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description
objectApiName Required This is the token used to identify the Custom Object when accessing it from the API.

Response Parameters

Parameter Description
customObjectValidators.customObjectValidator.validatorName This is an internal name only used on the NeonCRM back end to distinguish this rule from others.
customObjectValidators.customObjectValidator.errorMessage This validator error message will display on the data entry form if the data on a Custom Object record no longer matches the defined formula (fails validation).
customObjectValidators.customObjectValidator.description This is the internal text that describes this validation rule. This is not the actual error message shown to a system user.
customObjectValidators.customObjectValidator.validatorExpression The formula used to determine whether data passes this particular validation rule.
customObjectValidators.customObjectValidator.isActive Possible values: TRUE, FALSE. Enables the validation rule.

Error Codes

Code Text Description