API v1 Reference

Retrieve Activity

Retrieves a single activity record.





    "retrieveActivityResponse": {
        "operationResult": "SUCCESS",
        "responseDateTime": "2014-04-11T10:53:29.029+08:00",
        "activity": {
            "createdDateTime": "2006-01-03T01:30:22.000+08:00",
            "createdBy": "Administrator",
            "lastModifiedDateTime": "2006-01-03T01:30:22.000+08:00",
            "lastModifiedBy": "Administrator",
            "activityId": 42,
            "subject": "Application Package",
            "note": "",
            "startDateTime": "2006-01-02T11:00:00.000-05:00",
            "clientId": 97140,
            "systemUserId": 97297,
            "activityStatus": {
                "id": "4",
                "name": "Completed"
            "activityPriority": "NORMAL"

Request Parameters

Name Required Description
activityId Yes The Activity ID for the activity being requested

Response Parameters

Name Required Description
activity.activityId Yes The ID of the activity.
activity.subject Yes Subject field for the activity record.
activity.startDateTime Yes Activity Start timestamp. Format example: [2012-11-19T15:35:53+08:00]
activity.endDateTime Activity End timestamp. Format example: [2012-11-19T15:35:53+10:00]
activity.clientId Account ID of the constituent record associated with this activity
activity.systemUserId Account ID of the system user associated with this activity
activity.activityStatus.id Yes Possible values are found in the List Activity Status API method.
activity.activityStatus.name Yes Possible values are found in the List Activity Status API method.
activity.activityPriority Yes Possible values: High, Normal, Low
activity.encryptedIosCalendarKey This parameter is only included for the benefit of the NeonCRM iPhone app and serves no additional purpose.

Error Codes

Code Text Description
10200 Activity id is required You must supply an Activity ID with this request. Retrieve Activity IDs from the listActivities method.
10201 Activity id is invalid. The ID supplied does not exist in NeonCRM