API v1 Reference

These parameters are common to all API methods and may be included in any request or response.

Request Parameters

Name Required Description
userSessionId Yes Current API session ID. Retrieved from the Login request.
responseType No Possible values: XML, JSON. REST API only. Indicates which type of server response should be provided.

Response Parameters

Name Required Description
OperationResult Yes Possible values: SUCCESS, FAIL, PENDING.
responseDateTime Yes Date and time of the server's response.
errors List of error codes and error messages if the operation fails.

Error Codes

Code Text Description
1 Unexpected System error occured. An unknown system error. Often, these are generated due to a badly formed API request or a problem in NeonCRM.
2 Service is not available Indicates a temporary problem with NeonCRM's servers.
3 User session ID is required A user session ID must be included with the request. Retrieve a session ID using the Login method.
4 User session id is invalid.
5 Permission denied. The user account associated with this API key does not have sufficient permissions to perform the desired operation. Consult NeonCRM's guide on user groups and permissions for more information.