List Custom Objects

Retrieves a list of custom objects from a NeonCRM system.




               "createdBy":"z2Administrator ",
               "objectLabel":"Museum Visits",
               "objectRecordName":"Museum Visit",

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description

Response Parameters

Parameter Required Description
customObjects.customObject.objectId The object’s internal ID.
customObjects.customObject.objectName The object’s automatically generated internal name.
customObjects.customObject.objectLabel This is the unique name used to identify the Custom Object in the Custom Objects list as well as in the left menu (if the object is added to the left menu).
customObjects.customObject.objectApiName This is the token used to identify the Custom Object when accessing it from the API.
customObjects.customObject.objectDescription Optional description or notes about this Custom Object.
customObjects.customObject.objectRecordName This is a non-unique Field Name for the First Record that appears in page layouts, key lists, related lists, lookups, and search results. This is the first column to be created in your table. In most cases, this will be your table’s primary key.
customObjects.customObject.allowActivity Possible values: TRUE, FALSE. If this is turned on, this Custom Object will be available for use in Activities.
customObjects.customObject.allowReport Possible values: TRUE, FALSE. If this is turned on, this Custom Object will be exposed to the NeonCRM reporting interface.
customObjects.customObject.objectRecordDataType Possible values: 0, 1. 0 = Text, 1 = Auto Number. This controls the data type for the column you created with the “customObject.objectRecordName” parameter. In most cases, you will want to use a value of 1 (Auto-Number).
customObjects.customObject.objectRecordDataLength If customObject.objectRecordDataType is 0 (Text), this is the data length used for that field.
customObjects.customObject.isActive Possible values: TRUE, FALSE. Inactive Custom Objects are not visible to system users.

Error Codes

Code Text Description