API v1 Reference

Searching for Accounts

There are several API methods available for searching for accounts in a NeonCRM system. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

List Accounts

A general-purpose database query that provides the most flexibility of all search methods. This provides identical functionality to NeonCRM’s All Accounts Report. You may define your own search criteria and output columns. The disadvantage of using this query is that it performs more slowly than the others.

List Accounts by Keyword Search

This is an account search that is similar to the search box in the upper-right corner of NeonCRM. It searches for accounts by Name, Email, or Account ID. You must include the search term as the Keyword parameter, and you must specify whether you are searching individual or organization accounts.

Sync Accounts

This method allows you to query the server to find out whether an account has been updated. This saves you from iterating through accounts individually based on their last modified date.

List Accounts by Default

This request is used to list accounts, while displaying the default return parameters. These return parameters cannot be configured.