API v1 Reference

Update Custom Object Email Notifications

Updates the settings for a custom object’s email notifications. Use this API method to configure whether Back-End Email Notifications, Front-End Email Notifications, or API-based Email Notifications are enabled for a specific custom object.




https://api.neoncrm.com/neonws/services/api/customObject/updateCustomObjectEmailNotification?userSessionId=[session id]¬ificationType=API&enable=TRUE&objectApiName=ExampleObject_c


    "updateCustomObjectEmailNotificationResponse": {
        "operationResult": "SUCCESS",
        "responseDateTime": "2018-01-16T22:49:11.090+0000"

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description
userSessionId Requred
objectApiName Requred This is the token used to identify the Custom Object when accessing it from the API.
notificationType Required Possible values: BACK_END, FRONT_END, API. The specific type of email notification to be enabled or disabled.
enable Required Possible values: TRUE, FALSE. Whether the type of email notification should be enabled. If TRUE, the setting will be enabled. If FALSE, the setting will be disabled.