List Membership Terms

This request lists all of the membership terms that have been configured in your Membership System Settings. You’ll need to know the ID of a membership term in order to create a membership record for an account.




    "listMembershipTermsResponse": {
        "operationResult": "SUCCESS",
        "responseMessage": "1 records found.",
        "responseDateTime": "2013-02-17T15:34:46.501+08:00",
        "membershipTerms": {
            "membershipTerm": {
                "termInfo": {
                    "id": 505,
                    "name": "320 individual group 1"
                "isParentTerm": true,
                "childTerms": {
                    "idNamePair": [
                            "id": 507,
                            "name": "320 individual group 1 child"
                            "id": 508,
                            "name": "320 individual group 1 child"



<soapenv:envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:neon="">
                <termName> individual </termName>


<soap:envelope xmlns:soap="">
      <ns2:listmembershiptermsresponse xmlns:ns2="">
         <responsemessage>1 records found.</responsemessage>
                  <name>320 individual group 1</name>
                     <name>320 individual group 1 child</name>
                     <name>320 individual group 1 child</name>

Request Parameters

Name Required Description
termId Retrieve a specific membership term by specifying its ID.
termName Retrieve a specific membership term by specifying its name.

Response Parameters

Name Required Description A membership term’s ID. A membership term’s name.
membershipTerm.isParentTerm Whether this membership term has child membership terms associated with it. Possible values: true, false A child membership term’s ID. A child membership term’s name.