API v1 Reference

Authenticating Users

There are two methods of checking the login credentials of an individual or organization account:

Authenticate User Method

If NeonCRM’s built-in constituent login area does not meet your needs, you can use our API’s AuthenticateUser method to create your own secure login area. This uses NeonCRM’s server as the authenticator of a constituent user’s login credentials, but it does not grant that user a session for existing NeonCRM features. This solution cannot be used in conjunction with NeonCRM’s standard constituent login area.

OAuth 2.0

NeonCRM can act as an OAuth 2.0 provider. This means that NeonCRM’s existing login system can be used to authenticate access to a third-party website or service as a single sign-on. When a user is successfully authenticated with this method, they are given a session on the NeonCRM server so the user can access the constituent login area, but is redirect to the page of your choosing.