API v1 Reference


At this time, the API has these capabilities:

  • Accounts – Work with basic account-level data from your NeonCRM system.
  • Activities – Pull activity information from accounts.
  • Households – Manage households for accounts
  • Donations – Retrieve donation information and create donation records
  • Pledges – Create and retrieve pledges, and add payments towards them
  • Events – Retrieve a list of events based on parameters you define
  • Memberships – Retrieve membership details for each account and create membership records
  • Store – Add NeonCRM store products to a shopping cart, create orders, and process payments. You can also manage your products and online store settings
  • Authenticate Users – Authenticate users by their NeonCRM login and password credentials.
  • Custom Objects – Create custom data tables in NeonCRM and manipulate its records.


  • Work with either REST or SOAP protocols
  • Return XML or JSON data formats for REST, XML for SOAP

Object Relation Diagram

Like big, complicated diagrams? Here’s NeonCRM’s API, in diagram form: