Partner Requirements

To become an official partner, we do set some requirements that must be satisfied prior to launch. Our official certification program ensures that our mutual clients are receiving the highest quality experience possible when syncing data.

Contact Information

We need contact information for both a primary business contact and a developer contact. The business contact should be responsible for answering questions related to sales for the partnership agreements. The developer contact should be responsible for resolving technical issues that arise from the integration.

Neon CRM Demonstration

In order to build the best possible integrations, we feel it is important for partners to have a thorough understanding of Neon CRM and its capabilities. To this end, we require both the business contact and the developer contact to attend a product demonstration.

Your business can sign up for a demonstration here.

Integration Details

We need specific information about how the integration works. All potential partners will be asked to complete an integration survey before being provided a sandbox. While short, it is a critical document to ensure that we understand:

  • Objectives: Provide a summary (~500 words) that describes the business problem your product’s integration seeks to solve.
  • API Usage: We will need a comprehensive description of which API operations are being performed in relation to Neon CRM.

All integrations creating data in Neon CRM will be assigned an originDetail that must be appended to new Account Records.

Note: Neon CRM has API v1 and API v2. Any new partners will be required to onboard using API v2.


Any potential partner must provide Neon CRM with the required documentation before their integration can be sent to the Neon CRM Quality Assurance team for testing and approval. This documentation must be located at URL hosted by the partner. Word or PDF draft documents are not acceptable. Video tutorials must be supplemented with written documentation.

The provided documentation will be available in the Partner Directory listing page available in Neon CRM as well as on the Neon One website.

Your documentation should include an overview of how to set up and use the integration. It should include details for the following items:

  1. Whether or not the integration creates, retrieves, or updates Neon CRM data – Only include information that users will see when utilizing the integration and leave out anything that is used “behind the scenes”
    • Include an itemized list of all fields that are affected by these CRUD actions
  2. How the integration prevents duplicate accounts from being created in Neon CRM, including the specific duplicate match criteria/logic used if applicable
    • The Neon CRM API v2 includes automated duplicate merging logic; however, partners should review the default logic to determine if it covers all scenarios for your integration
  3. Whether or not any data synchronization occurs, including:
    • Refresh interval
    • List of updated fields
  4. Any Neon CRM settings that need to be configured a certain way in order to support the integration
  5. Links to any relevant Neon CRM knowledge base materials
  6. Contact information for your support team to answer integration questions and troubleshoot issues

Check out this documentation example from Neon One Certified Partner – The Giving Block


All integration partners must provide us with a sandbox for the purpose of evaluating an integration. Please provide us with:

  • URL to the sandbox or a functional copy of the installed software
  • Any related hardware (if necessary) to use the integration
  • Login and password credentials

Get Started

Please contact to learn more.