Implementation Scenarios


For simple applications, mobile applications, or as a first phase of integration, we recommend starting with implementing Charges. To manage all other aspects of payments, send your users to NeonPay's Merchant Portal.


For most applications, we recommend adding Refund capabilities. We also strongly recommend taking advantage of Notifications to listen for changes in transaction data (such as refunds and disputes) to keep your own data up to date. In many cases, it can be beneficial to add a Merchant Onboarding flow to your application to increase adoption of NeonPay.


Adding capabilities beyond the recommended feature set may make sense for some applications. NeonPay provides APIs for features such as Payouts and Disputes, though these are redundant with those provided in NeonPay's Merchant Portal. We recommend discussing your plan with the NeonPay team before implementing these extra capabilities.

Feature Minimum Recommended Comprehensive
Notifications (Webhooks)
Merchant Onboarding *
Payouts *
Manage Disputes *
✓ Recommended for most cases.
* Recommended for some cases.