API v2.3 Release Notes

This page details the new features, enhancements, and fixes in API v2.3, released on April 10th, 2021. Updated documentation for v2.3 will be published soon. Follow API v2 Versions for documentation updates.


  • A new GET /accounts endpoint is now available for retrieving accounts in bulk. This endpoint functions similarly to the List Accounts by Keyword Search API v1 request.
  • New endpoints are now available for pledge installments:
    • GET /pledges/{pledgeId}/installments/{id}
    • POST /pledges/{pledgeId}/installments
    • PUT /pledges/{pledgeId}/installments/{id}
    • DELETE /pledges/{pledgeId}/installments/{id}
  • New endpoints are now available for soft credits:
    • GET /softCredits
    • GET /softCredits/{id}
    • POST /softCredits
    • PUT /softCredits/{id}
    • PATCH /softCredits/{id}
    • DELETE /softCredits/{id}
  • code has been added to the output of the following requests:
    • GET /campaigns
    • POST /campaigns
    • PUT /campaigns
    • PATCH /campaigns
    • GET /properties/funds
    • GET /properties/purposes
    • GET /properties/sources
  • batchNumber has been added to the donation data model for all endpoints in which donation data appears.