NeonCRM API Version 2!

We’re excited to announce the public release of the NeonCRM API version 2.

This new version is a complete rebuild of our existing API that adopts many modern RESTful API conventions. API v2 introduces new methods for working with custom fields, events, and more; in addition to updating and extending the functionality of all the existing methods of the current version.

With the NeonCRM API, we’ve seen our clients and partners build everything from simple field updater scripts to robust partner integrations across multiple NeonCRM systems. The consistent feedback we’ve received from developers is that the current NeonCRM API has deep functionality—more than most other nonprofit software APIs—but is very difficult to use because of its outdated design conventions and occasionally quirky implementation. Version 2 fixes this by adopting modern API conventions while still maintaining the same breadth of functionality.

Dive into the API v2 docs.