Permissions Update

A number of API methods will be updated to include stronger permission controls. These permissions have largely been in place for existing API methods, but on May 5, 2018 we will be releasing a number of updates to tighten permissions.

If your application encounters permission errors, please check the permission settings for the system user account associated with your API key. You can refer to NeonCRM’s guide to System User Groups and Permissions for more information about updating permissions.

For reference, here is a list of the NeonCRM user permissions required to use each API method.

API Method Permissions
updatePaymentRequest Edit Donation, Edit Membership, Edit Registration, Edit Order
retrieveStatsRequest View Donation
listActivitiesRequest View Activity, Include Activity Report, View Report
listSystemUsersRequest View Account
createIndividualAccountRequest New Account
updateIndividualAccountRequest Edit Account
editIndividualAccountRequest Edit Account
retrieveIndividualAccountRequest View Account
retrieveOrganizationAccountRequest View Account
createOrganizationAccountRequest New Account
updateOrganizationAccountRequest Edit Account
editOrganizationAccountRequest Edit Account
linkIndividualToOrganizationRequest Edit Account
removeIndividualFromOrganizationRequest Edit Account
listOrganizationContactsRequest View Account
listAccountsRequest View Account, View Report, Report Communication
listAccountsByDefaultRequest View Account
syncAccountsRequest View Account
listFavoriteAccountsRequest View Account
addToFavoriteAccountsRequest View Account
removeFromFavoriteAccountsRequest View Account
listAccountsByKeywordSearchRequest View Account
listAccountsBySearchCriteriaRequest View Account
addAddressRequest Edit Account
updateAddressRequest Edit Account
removeAddressRequest Edit Account
addActivityRequest New Activity
updateActivityRequest Edit Activity
removeActivityRequest Delete Activity
createHouseHoldRequest Edit Account
updateHouseHoldRequest Edit Account
addIndividualToHouseHoldRequest Edit Account
removeIndividualFromHouseHoldRequest Edit Account
updateHouseHoldPrimaryRequest Edit Account
deleteHouseHoldRequest Edit Account
syncActivitiesRequest View Activity
retrieveActivityRequest View Activity
listEventsRequest View Event, View Report, Include Event Report
retrieveEventRegistrationStatsRequest View Registration
retrieveEventAttendeesRequest View Registration
createEventRegistrationRequest New Registration
calculateEventRegistrationRequest New Registration
listEventTicketsRequest View Event
listFundsRequest View Campaign
listCampaignsRequest View Campaign
listPurposesRequest View Campaign
createDonationRequest New Donation
createRecurringDonationRequest New Donation
createPledgeRequest New Pledge
createPledgePaymentRequest Edit Pledge
listDonationsRequest View Donation, View Report, Include Donation Report
listRecurringDonorsRequest View Donation, View Account
retrieveDonationStatsRequest View Donation
retrieveCampaignSummaryRequest View Campaign
listMembershipsRequest View Membership, View Report, Include Membership Report
listMembershipTermsRequest View Membership
addMembershipToAccountRequest New Membership
listMembershipHistoryRequest View Membership
retrieveMembershipStatsRequest View Membership
listCatalogsRequest View Catalog
createCatalogRequest New Catalog
updateCatalogRequest Edit Catalog
removeCatalogRequest Delete Catalog
addProductToCatalogRequest Edit Catalog
removeProductFromCatalogRequest Edit Catalog
listCategoriesRequest Edit Store Product Types
createCategoryRequest Edit Store Product Types
updateCategoryRequest Edit Store Product Types
removeCategoryRequest Edit Store Product Types
listProductsRequest View Product, Edit Store Product Types
createProductRequest New Product
updateProductRequest Edit Product
removeProductRequest Delete Product
retrieveProductRequest View Product
uploadProductImageRequest View Product
removeProductImageRequest Edit Product
listProductImagesRequest View Product
createProductOptionRequest Edit Product
listProductOptionsRequest View Product
updateProductOptionRequest Edit Product
removeProductOptionRequest Edit Product
createShoppingCartRequest New Order
addItemToShoppingCartRequest New Order
removeItemFromShoppingCartRequest New Order
addOrUpdateShippingAddressToShoppingCartRequest New Order
listShippingMethodsRequest New Order
addOrUpdateCustomerToShoppingCartRequest New Order
retrieveShoppingCartSummaryRequest New Order
checkoutRequest New Order
retrieveOrderDetailsRequest View Order
listOrdersRequest View Order
retrieveReceiptRequest View Order, View Receipts
retrieveStorePurchaseStatsRequest View Order