Important Change Notice for NeonCRM API – Search Methods

As part of a major structural overhaul to NeonCRM’s core reporting system, we will be changing the names of a significant number of reporting columns and criteria. These changes will likely require modifications to your application’s code. This change necessarily affects the following API methods:

  • listAccounts
  • listDonations
  • listEvents
  • listMemberships

We have written a complete description of the changes and outlined the necessary steps to keep your application functioning.

Click here to view the migration guide.

Specific Upgrade Information

  • The upgrade will take place January 17, 2015 from 12:00AM to 3:00AM CST.
  • The Current Field Names will function until the upgrade.
  • The New Field Names will function after the upgrade.
  • There will be no overlap period where both names will work.


Many names of columns and criteria will change. Field names, as they existed prior to this update, will cease to work. Developers must update their code to use the new field names.