New API Features – April 2014

We’re excited to announce the release of some new updates to the API. The following features will be made available on Monday, April 21:

New Methods

We have added the following new methods:


Query the server to find accounts that have been recently updated.


This is a simplified and faster version of listAccounts. It has pre-set output columns and a limited set of search criteria.


This is an account search that is similar to the search box in the upper-right corner of NeonCRM. It searches for accounts by Name, Email, or Account ID.


Retrieve a single activity record.


Query the server to find activities that have been recently updated.


Retrieve the account ID of the current system user.

Adjustments to Existing Methods

We have made modifications to the following methods:


Added a new parameter (primaryContactAccountId) to RetrieveOrganizationAccount request.


The reporting logic behind this request has changed. In the previous logic, if an individual and their linked organization both have accounts and the search result returns both account, the response lists them as one entry instead of two. With the new logic, two separate accounts will be returned.

The search criteria and output columns have also been updated.