API Beta 1.2

We have released these updates to the API:

New features:

[authenticateUser] – Added a method for authenticating system users.

  • Added an request which accepts username/password in the request, and returns accountId, systemUserId, and other user information.

This update will fix numerous issues:

  • [LinkIndividualToOrganization/RemoveIndividualFromOrganization] now uses the Contact ID instead of Account ID.
    • [listOrganizationContacts] – We have added the isPrimaryContact flag as an output field. This indicates the primary contact for this organization account.
    • [linkIndividualToOrganization/removeIndividualFromOrganization] – We changed individualAccountId to individualContactId.
    • [linkIndividualToOrganziation] – Added error code [10035][Given contact is a primary company contact which cannot be set to non-primary] .
  • [LinkIndividualToOrganization] add address objects in the schema.
    • Now, when linking an individual to organization, address/department/title/organizationEmail can be provided within the request.
    • [linkIndividualToOrganization] – Removed error code[10035][Given account ID already linked.]. Now, the same contact ID can be relinked with different address/department/title/organizationEmail information.
    • If an address is not provided in the request, the organization’s address will be copied, assuming the organization has an existing address.
  • [RetrieveIndividualAccount] – Resolved an issue causing the Zip+4 to display as “null”.
  • [UpdateIndividual/OrganizationAccount] – Resolved a primary address validation error.
    • Primary Address validation now applies to the addresses sent from the request in addition to the existing addresses in the database.
  • [ListAccounts] – Resolved NullPointException Error
    • NullPointerException occurred when a system field could not be found .
  • [UpdateOrganizationAccount] – Resolved error that prevented the updating of an organization account when the organization does not have a primary contact.
    • Added error code [10078][ Organization account primary contact ID is required.] This displays if the given organization account has a primary contact, and the ID has not been provided.
  • [UpdateIndividual/OrganizationAccount] – Resolved issues related to empty addresses.
    • For individual accounts, an empty primary address will be created when the account is created without a primary address supplied in a request. This empty address will be removed if the account updates this account contact with a new primary address.
    • For organization accounts, the system can now only accept one company address for the primary contact.  Added a validation error [10075][ Only one address allowed for organization primary contact.]
    • The fields [isPrimaryAddress] and [confirmDelete] are no longer used for organization accounts because the system always maintains a single primary company address.
    • When updating organization accounts, if the address ID is not provided, the existing primary address will be updated (if it exists), otherwise a new one will be created.
  • [listActivities] – This now sorts activities in descending order of most recent, by Start Date.
  • [Add/Update/RemoveAddress] – This no longer applies to organization accounts.
    • Added the validation error [10139][ Account ID is invalid, cannot add/update/remove address for organization account. Please refer to linkIndividualToOrganizationAccount and removeIndividualFromOrganizationAccount requests.]
    • Added accountId in the [removeAddress] request to check that the given addressId belongs to the given individual account id.
  • [AddActivity] – Resolved system errors.
  • Resolved general type conversion issue.
    • Now returns HTTP 400 “Bad request” with an error message “Invalid format for input String {String name}”
  • [UpdateOrganizationAccount] – If the primary contact is linked to an individual Account, then only the address and company contact information can be updated.
    • Added the validation error 10079 [Current primary contact for this organization belongs to an individual account, thus the contact information cannot be updated, please refer to the UpdateIndividualAccount request. Invalid field:{field name}]