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    Tom Le Coney

    What exactly is the “Event” search criteria expecting as a value when being used as the search key?

    I assumed it was looking for the event’s name, but that would not work. Neither did supplying the event’s ID. I also don’t see either “Event Name” or “Event ID” explicitly listed as possible Search Criteria for the /listEvents endpoint

    I was using EQUAL as the logic but also tried CONTAIN per a response to search issues in another thread. Neither work

    All values I use return:

      "errorCode": "25",
      "errorMessage": "Search value is invalid."



    Tom Le Coney

    With an event name of “Hoot 4 Hope 5k” as an example:


    Tom Le Coney

    Any response on this?


    Leo Walker

    As far as I can see, “Event Name” is in the Output section but is not a valid input criteria. https://developer.neoncrm.com/api/events/list-events/

    The search criteria include:

    Event Code
    Event Category
    Event Topic
    Event Archived
    Event Campaign
    Event Registration Status
    Event Registration WaitingList
    Event Start Date
    Event End Date
    Event Registration Created Date
    Event Registration Created By
    Event Registration Last Modified Date
    Event Registration Last Modified By
    Event Registration Date
    Event Registration Amount
    Event Registration Social Fundraiser
    Event Registration Solicitor
    Event Registration Source

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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