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    Gray Jones

    I was asked to help a friend deal with duplicate accounts within their database. They are a small org run via volunteerism. They are passing over the 1000 account boundary and thus having to pay more for their subscription. They have a large number of duplicate accounts which if were removed would keep them under the boundary.

    Being a programmer my first though was to use the api to identify duplicate accounts and then delete them from the database. However after looking over the api docs – I can’t find an actual delete/remove account function. Is this an oversight? If not then why don’t they give us that option?


    Gray Jones


    Colin Pizarek

    It’s not an oversight; the API methods have not been created. To be honest, there has not been much demand for this capability. Deletion in NeonCRM is complicated due to the many relationships that link records.

    We recommend you use the many tools provided within NeonCRM to deal with removing records. The duplicate merging utility allows you to assess which records are duplicates.

    You can also use our bulk operations tool to delete large numbers of accounts at the same time.


    Gray Jones

    Hi – thanks for the response.

    It seems that the api can be used in conjunction with the bulk operation tool to achieve what I was trying to do. I can use the api to update each account – say by putting ‘DELETE’ in the salutation field. Then I can use the web based bulk operation tool with ‘salutation equal to ‘DELETE’ to identify the accounts. Then delete them that way.

    Does that sound like a reasonable approach?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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