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    Chuck Mongillo

    First I created a new custom object named Foo, with my objectRecordName neon_id. The system gave it the objectApiName Foo_c.

    Next I added a NUMBER field:
    customObjectField.fieldName = Foo_Action_Number
    And a TEXT field:
    customObjectField.fieldName = Foo_Action_Name

    I am able to set activate and set my custom object on the left column of NeonCRM, but I can’t create a custom Custom Object List Layout.

    I think the problem is I am unable to select the correct names required for createCustomObjectListLayout. I get the following errors:
    operationResult”=>”FAIL”, “responseDateTime”=>”2018-01-04T18:13:17.204+0000”, “errors”=>{“error”=>[{“errorCode”=>”20060”, “errorMessage”=>”Field linked custom object API name is invalid.”}, {“errorCode”=>”20061”, “errorMessage”=>”Field API name is invalid.”}, {“errorCode”=>”20062”, “errorMessage”=>”Default field ‘name’ is required for list layout.”}, {“errorCode”=>”20072”, “errorMessage”=>”Default field ‘name’ is required for search criteria.”

    If I understand properly the point of list layouts is that when someone clicks our left menu app button they will see the list of field names we set. I can’t get enough information from the error messages to figure out if I’m using the wrong names or what names I should be using for field names. I’d be happy to e-mail, or private message someone with the actual end point url I am using with our company info if it helps.



    Colin Pizarek

    The root cause of the issue was related to notion of including related fields on a list view.

    Unfortunately it’s not possible to display related data fields in a list view. The parameters for this API method make it seem possible, but this is mostly because it was built with a similar structure as the Form Layout API method, which does support related fields.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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