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    Chuck Mongillo

    I am trying to attach a title to an Individual account when I create it.

    I created a custom object:
    (Field ID) – Field Name – Field Type
    (333) – neon_action_id – Autoinc Field
    (339) – Neon_Individual_Account_c – MasterDetail (account_user) Field
    (340) – Action_ID_c – Number Field
    (341) – Action_Title_c – Text Field

    I attempt to create a new individual user account:

    “errorMessage”=>”Customfield id is invalid.”

    How can I send my custom text field so it shows on the Individual Account? Should I not be using a custom object for this?

    Let me know if you require more information, and thank you for your assistance.


    Colin Pizarek

    Seems like you’re struggling with our data structure. Here are some brief definitions:

    Accounts: Individuals or Organizations
    Custom Fields: Custom fields created from within NeonCRM that are properties of an account. These have nothing to do with custom objects.

    Custom Objects: A new database object type. Think of a custom object as a database table, not a specific record.
    Custom Object Fields: Fields that are properties of custom objects. The columns in a custom object’s database table. These are not the same as account custom fields.
    Custom Object Records: Each row in a custom object’s database table.

    In your above request, you’re trying to use the account custom field parameters:


    These are not for custom object fields; they are for account custom fields.

    If you want to create an account and relate it to your custom object, your flow should be:

    * Create Individual Account (
    * Create Custom Object Record (

    If all of your custom data is really just a list of fields that need to appear on an account’s detail page, you want to be using Account Custom Fields:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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