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    Using the API after creating a Organization account is there an API function to do “Convert to Individual Account” how do you achieve the same effect ?

    Right now I am using,

    But somehow the data doesnt match if the process was done using “Convert to Individual Account” on the site.


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    Whats most notable with that is that two Contacts show up with the same name, one set as Primary and the other with the Set option, where there should only be one.



    I am guessing the issue is with adding using the linkIndividualToOrganization() call

    but I am using that becuase if I use individualAccount.existingOrganizationId with the created Organization ID I get this error,

    ExistingOrgnizationId should be empty, you can use linkIndividualToOrganization after individual create success.

    What I need to happen is the same effect of creating an Organization records then “Convert to Individual Account” of the contact to create the user, so that they are tied together.

    but using the API,

    So far the flow is


    Colin Pizarek

    The weirdness you’re experiencing here is actually pretty closely related to the weirdness reported here.

    In the UI, you’re able to create Organization accounts without a first and last name. In the API, you cannot (we changed the UI’s behavior without also changing it in the API). When you create the Org account using the API, you supply a first and last name, which creates both an organization account AND an organization contact at the same time. Right now, there’s nothing you can do about this.
    In the workflow you’re using, (create org, create individual, link them), the reason you’re seeing two contacts in the list is because you’ve actually created three records: an org, an org contact, and a separate individual. If we can update the API’s behavior to NOT create a contact, then your workflow will be correct.

    The above information is completely incorrect.

    It sounds like what you need to do is to create the organization account without populating any of the contact information. When you leave things like name, address, etc. blank, it will not create that additional organization contact. Your workflow should be:

    1. Create Organization Account
    2. Create Individual Account
    3. Link Individual to Organization (set as primary contact)
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    Thanks Colin, that worked.

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