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    Trying to update an individual record and update the password, my parameters are,

    $neon_args =array(
    “individualAccount.accountId” => $account_id,
    “individualAccount.primaryContact.contactId” => $contact_id,
    “individualAccount.primaryContact.firstName” => $first_name,
    “individualAccount.primaryContact.lastName” => $last_name ,
    “individualAccount.login.username” => $user_name,
    “individualAccount.login.password” => $password,

    But I am getting a

    [“operationResult”]=> string(4) “FAIL” [“responseDateTime”]=> string(28) “2016-05-16T22:23:28.223+0000” [“errors”]=> array(1) { [“error”]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { [“errorCode”]=> string(5) “10026” [“errorMessage”]=> string(99) “ExistingOrgnizationId is invalid, you can use linkIndividualToOrganization to add new relationship.” } } } }

    error, im not passing a ExistingOrgnizationId why would this happen ?


    im guessing we need to map the entire records. is there a quick way to map the record and just change the one we want to update ?

    ie: by getting the retrieveIndividualAccount and putting it on updateIndividualAccount and change the field need to be updated ?

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    Colin Pizarek

    You are correct. When you update an existing account, you need to populate all of the fields. The documentation covers this:

    Danger! If you include a blank parameter:


    Any existing data will be deleted. Also, if you fail to include a field parameter in your request, any existing data in that field will be deleted. In practical terms, to use this method to update data from an existing account, you’ll want to:

    1. Retrieve the complete account data using Retrieve Individual Account
    2. Populate all of that data into the parameters specified in this method
    3. Submit this request to the server.
    Colin Pizarek

    That said, I think there’s an interesting possibility to add that capability to the PHP library, since this is a common task. The API itself, however, is not going to change anytime soon. It works that way due to NeonCRM’s architecture.



    Thanks we got this done by mapping the entire list of items, but slight issue with the address post in the question below.

    One thing if you can clear for me, which you also mentioned in another thread, so I will ask in there,

    API add value to organization company profile


    Check incase this dropped out let me ask the question here again,

    so for an individual record if there are multiple addresses how does the array key need to be formatted here:

    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.isPrimaryAddress”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.isShippingAddress”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.addressType.id”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.addressType.Name”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.addressLine1”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.addressLine2”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.addressLine3”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.addressLine4”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.city”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.state.code”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.state.name”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.province”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.county”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.country.id”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.country.name”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.zipCode”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.zipCodeSuffix”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.startDate”] =
    $neon_args[“individualAccount.primaryContact.addresses.address.endDate”] =


    One of the issues we are having is that, when doing this update, some accounts work and some dont, the $neon_args is pretty much identical beside the field values from the records that work and dont work.

    updateIndividualAccount() returns null for the ones that dont work. Troubleshooting for quite some time but cant seem to see the issue, can i get some guidance.


    was able to sort out the updateIndividualAccount() issue, it was failing on the PhoneType where retrieveIndividualAccount() was returning the value in all caps and the update function was expecting only the first letter to be caps.

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